About Paragliding

Paragliding has advanced steadily over the few years. The para-glider is a wing, rather than a parachute, having the capability to glide ahead more than to simply fall down.

The para-glider fly’s at a speed pace of approximately 35 – 40 kph / 20 – 25 mph. It is likely to fly without wind as there is air at all times! The pilot is freely and comfortably warped into a harness which offer support equally in the standing and sitting arrangement. Landing engage lining up for an approach into wind, and just sooner than touching down


Places in india

Bir Billing ( Himachal Pradesh )

Bir Billing is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, is TOP place of paragliding in India. Paragliding is very daringactivity, which involveslots of Thrill, Action and Adventure.

Bir Billing is best spot for paragliding – aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in the world. Bir Billing is considered most excellent and safest destination for paragliding in worlds. Paragliding here is a thrilling experience. People often fear the ride because of the height and nature, but the more fear you have the more thrills you will experience during the ride. Paragliding is always undertaken under supervision of trained pilots.

Manali (solang valley) ( Himachal Pradesh )

Most of the traveler chooses both camping and paragliding for feel adventure with nature in Manali.

Considered as a most popular hub for outdoor and other recreational activities, paragliding in Manali is a memorable experience. The operators are well organized, competent and trustworthy. The surrounding valley is breath taking and the view is simply beautiful. you can try paragliding here anytime.

There are no words to portray the experience of the soundless wing flying high through the sky. Fresher or experienced both can do paragliding in Manali as it is performed under support of experts. Manali is recognised as perfect spot for the enthusiasts of paragliding. The whole valley is covered with white snow mountains from all the sides, chilly air is soothing your faces and a having a flying experience like a bird. All this is truly possible with Mornis packages and services for paragliding.

Pune ( Maharashtra )

For those looking for paragliding in Pune and Mumbai, Kamshet is a paraglider’s seventh heaven. A leap from the Tower hills as well as the bird’s eye view of box shaped houses in the villages of Kamshet is a pleasure for lifetime.

The ‘Queen of the Deccan’Pune has transformed to vibrant metro with its amazing mixture of ancient and modern city that should be in everyone’s bucket list of travelling. Surrounded all over by breathtaking chain of mountain ranges covered from all sides, Pune provide an adventurous environment to travelers. Indulge in wide range of activities in and around the Pune city which will provide you with your much awaited need for a break from the humdrums of city life. Having the idyllic weather conditions, Pune has currently evolved as a hub for paragliders.

Nainital ( Uttarakhand )

Nainital is regularly the chosen choice of people seeking an adventurous getaway over the weekend.

Paragliding is offered in 2 forms that are solo and tandem. Tandem paragliding flight is the one that allows you to fly with instructor. As soon as traveller begins his ride up through the sky, the lake of nainital appears to be in a shape of beetle. The scene is worth watching over anything in lifetime. Because of its speciality that lies in lakes, Nainital has altogether a different feel of Paragliding compared to other locations in the country.

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