When you hear any about Malaysia, things what comes in your mind are buzzing cities, beautiful beaches and exotic islands, wildlife sanctuaries and adventure parks. For foodies, it is the perfect destination to get to taste over of numerous culinary sensations of the locale. Malaysia is best known for its rainforests. It is said that Malaysia has the world’s best vegetation and wildlife ecosystems. They have the best sightseeing locations attracted by the flora and fauna of the local regions.
Malaysia serves you a complete amalgamation of different Asian cultures. Localites residing there mainly comprise of Muslim Malays, Hindu and Muslim Indians, religiously diverse Chinese residents. Also, the native groups on the peninsular Malaysia and cluster of tribes known as Dayaks are the people originally from Malay region.
Each of these ethnic groups has their own language and cultural practices to make you feel more delighted throughout the year with a signified calendar of festivals and mouthwatering varieties of cuisines.


  • Petronas Towers

The most famous place to visit is the petronas twin towers that are one of the greatest skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur with 88 storey twin structure is the jewel of Malaysia. It looks majestic during the day as well as during night.

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  • Jungle Safari

You can enjoy the wildlife in various sanctuaries and adventure parks. Some of them to list are Taman Negara, Sandakan, Borneo, Langkawi, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. They are home to hundreds of rare species of beautiful flora and fauna. Taman Negara is the largest among all with a total land area of 434300 hectares.

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  • Nasi lemak

Locals call it nasi lemak, Malaysia’s unofficial national dish. Everybody else named it delicious. Nasi lemak is traditionally eaten for breakfast but nowadays people can order it any time of day.

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