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Be Born Again

Motivational Activities

Personality Development Programs – for SCHOOL students to ensure Employment Skills & Career Competencies for the Corporate World

Uniquely designed Management Development Programs (MDP’s) specifically for School & Colleges to impart the basics of Leadership and Personality Development Attributes. CHALLENGER SERIES – TEAM BUILDING EVENT

Be Born Again

Challenger Series

This is our most sought after corporate outdoor team building event at Camp Mornis. The group size for participation varies from 60 – 150 in a single day.

In Challenger Series we rediscover skills that don’t require software, a power switch, overtime, battling traffic, deadlines or organizational structures. We are reminded of what is important and what is trifling. We rediscover balance, observation, patience, adaptability, perseverance, movement, rest, playfulness and breathing – we become whole again.

This event consists of a series of challenging tasks which involve team work, dedication, commitment and never ending quest for winning, testing participants both at their soft and hard skills such as Pro-activeness, Promptness, Overcoming Challenges, Problem Solving, Physical Endurance, Mental Stamina, Talent and Vigor. This 4-5 Hour High Energy event comprises of activities which varies from Construction Tasks, Adventure, Team Games, and Mind Games etc. Challenger series tasks include (Wall climbing, Rappelling, Navigation, Murder mystery, Calci, Map making, Target shooting, Amoeba walk, Tent Pitching, Clue Cracking, Tea making/Cooking, Construction challenge) and Rewards include (Trophy’s, Certificate & Medals).

1Ice Breaking ActivitiesTeam Identity Creation
Knowing Each Other
Thinking out of Box
2Adventure ActivitiesTest of Physical, Mental & Team Spirit
Stretching oneself and team
Strategy and Communication skills
Sensitivity towards customer
4Construction Task
5Clue Cracking
7PuzzlesTest of Intellect
Participating Together
8CollaborationWorking Together as one Team
9Prize CeremonyCelebrating TogetherCELEBRATING TOGETHER

Just an hour drive from Delhi, surrounded by an exposed ridge of trees on the western side and Aravalis in the backdrop. Camp Mornis near Gurgaon provides an ideal location for Day Adventure program for School kids.

Key Features:

Facilities for Meeting, Activities, Dining and Competitions
Green and refreshing offbeat location close to Delhi


  • Army Obstacle Course (Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Beam Balancing, Cat Walk)
  • Artificial wall Climbing
  • Wall Rappelling
  • Cycling
  • Camel Cart Ride/Tractor Ride
  • Archery/Air Gun Shooting
  • Zorbing
  • Village Walks
  • Pottery
  • Tent Pitching
  • Rope Course
  • Team Building Games
  • Astronomy
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Sports(Football, Volley Ball, Cricket)

life Education OCL (Outside Classroom Learning) – Courses gives you and your group a stimulating combination of hands – on study in Math, Science, Geography, Astronomy, Environment, Life Skills and Adventure.

These courses help you to fulfill academic needs which don’t always fit easily into the classroom environment and offer students a program of study they will enjoy so much they won’t even realize it’s work!

All the modules are delivered by highly experienced life educators/instructors in the field of science, technology and adventure.

Each day is divided into four sessions and you choose how much study and how much activity you do.Every module is followed by debrief and discussion.

All the Programs are mostly team based learning – creating bonding,leadership and responsibility at every step.

Courses take place at Zlife Education Centers’ of Learning which are ideally equipped with study facilities, activities and accommodation

Adventure camps:

Discover the magic of adventure outdoors at our camp site. We provide you the combination of safe adventure fun outing & outdoor education. Students learn how to develop their leadership skill ,building trust for better approach , they come to know what are their limits (physical & mental) and how to enhance the level of those limits by this type of camps , they can overcome their fear factor by special designed programme, and they can learn survival techniques.

P2P Camp (Potential to perfect):

Each child is unique born with lots of talents but they need a platform to show, to perform, to judge , to correct in proper direction . We provide participant with the opportunity to make his or her own decision and we do so in a way that is structured and supportive.


  • To nurture child’s identity & personality
  • To develop their social skills & sense of camaraderie.
  • To inculcate mental strength & moral values among children

Highlights of activity :

  • A qualified facilitator
  • Main topics covered
  • Leadership skill
  • Team building
  • Personality development
  • Survival skills
  • Rescue mission in the wilderness

Teachers Program:

This programme aims to work together as a team and also focuses on teacher-student dynamics in classroom & interaction among teachers of different school, to make teaching more effective and interesting.

Teachers are the true leaders of the Nation as they are the one who mould personalities of students who are future citizens of the country teacher should share a common vision for the school and students.

Summer camp: he unique leadership & personality development programme develop themselves into leaders and work as a team. This programme also helps them to achieve their goals and set their aims as they stand in important phase of their lives adulthood. In this type of camps they can be directed towards developing and sharpening their skills and offers an opportunity to re-discover themselves in the outdoors.


In this team-building activities post you will learn:

  • How team-building activities help students
  • How to ensure team-building activities will be successful
  • Specific instructions on leading each team-building activity
  • Five classroom-tested, student-approved team building activities


Many students might groan and roll their eyes if asked to participate in these activities, but they do have significant benefits. Furthermore, many teachers might be loath to take the time to conduct these activities, although they bring with them enormous gains.


  • Provide a common experience among peers
  • Allow students to feel more comfortable in group settings
  • Require students to develop communication skills through conversations
  • Encourage students to learn academic content with and from one another
  • Establish a community atmosphere for the classroom
  • Teach intrapersonal skills organically
  • Set expectations of respect and shared learning
  • Allow for academic learning and review in a more engaging manner


In order for activities to be successful, classroom leaders must establish clear expectations.

The most important aspect of team-building activities is that they demonstrate that the classroom is a safe zone.

When working through the team-building activities with students, I emphasize my number one rule, which is mutual respect and acceptance.

Students must remain positive and respectful toward their fellow learners, and that includes me!

In a classroom, a sense of community is vital in order for students to produce authentic writing, to receive constructive feedback from peers, and to have meaningful discussions.

By emphasizing in each activity the importance of trusting one another, classroom leaders build a sense of classroom community.

These team-building activities encourage students to empathize with their classmates who may be different from them and will also help to build up their own self-esteem as they work with others.

Classroom leaders must stress the need for students to learn from one another and to respect the similarities and differences that al of their classmates bring to each activity.

I always like to ensure that there is an academic purpose to all aspects of classroom activities, so, as a classroom leader, I ask students to use academic vocabulary and to utilize their prior learned knowledge during discussions.

Finally, if a classroom leader faces significant resistance from students, framing the activity as a challenge or competition can motivate them.

Do remember to emphasize that the competition or challenge being carried out can be completed by everyone and that respect and ethical behavior is paramount, as some students may attempt to cheat in order to win.


Most activities should only take between five and ten minutes and can be used once or on multiple occasions. Classroom time is valuable, and these activities are designed to minimize time and maximize outcome.


Skills Focus: Teamwork, Trust-Building

This is a rather quick and silly team-building activity for high school students. Instruct the class that they are to work in groups to make a full hamburger that starts with a bun, and that has pickle, lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat and another bun in that order. Tape one ingredient onto each student’s back and instruct students to work together to find all the necessary ingredients and then line up in order. The first group to do so correctly wins.

You can either play silently, or you can tell students to say what ingredient is on their backs, but instead only provide hints.

Academic Focus: Replay this game using vocabulary words and definitions, planet names, math problems and solutions, and so on.


Skills Focus: Trust Building

Have students stand in a circle. The first student chooses a subject-related word and acts out a motion that corresponds with the word’s meaning in some way. The rest of the students in the group then echo the word and the motion together. The next student in the group chooses a new word and acts out a corresponding motion. The rest of the students then echo that word and motion, followed by the first student’s word and motion. This sequence repeats until all students in the group have their own word and motion and have reiterated everyone else’s word and motion.

To begin the game, the first student says his/her word and motion and then says another student’s word and motion. That student must say his/her word and motion and pick another student’s word and motion.

The game repeats until a called-upon student cannot recall another’s word and motion fast enough (three seconds) and is “out.”

When only two people are left, both are winners.

Caveat: no student can reiterate the previous student’s word and motion.

Academic Focus: By creating motions tied to academic vocabulary and reiterating these words and motions numerous times, students develop deep connections to these words.

Try playing this game throughout the year, and have students use their peers’ previous words and motions to call upon them, as well as current words and motions.


Skills Focus: Teamwork, Leadership

Often, students feel disgruntled about school, so this team-building activity for high school students encourages everyone to look for the positive, rather than the negative.

First, each individual should complete the top of the handout, listing three specific aspects of their school they like.

Then, assign students to groups of approximately four to six, making sure that students work with people they do not know well, rather than simply working with friends.

Have the students each share their three ideas in their groups, and then work together to choose which ones to include in a group list of five positive aspects about their school.

Next, each group selects a representative to go to the board to write down his or her group’s list.

Finally, the representatives and work with the whole class in order to combine the top five lists into one class-wide top ten list. Try to post this list so students remember both working together and the positive aspects of school!

Academic Focus: Ask students to use academic vocabulary in their lists or to utilize strong writing techniques, such as action verbs or figurative language, when creating each point.

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