About Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon rides are a most required and demanding adventure ventures among all in the country.Riding in a hot air balloon has always and all the time been some sort of a dream and adventure for traveler around the world.

This balloon activity is a huge appeal for sighting amazinglandscape, places and nature from high above and in open air, and at the same time floating in a basket and being carried across the skies, like an alien ship.

Hot air ballooning in India is something that you can enjoy with your entire family or with that special someone in your life. It is a good way to see beautiful landscapes from a substantial height.


Places in india

Uttar Pradesh

It has to lie on the Ganga River. A huge number of guestsarrive at this destination to see the sightsandvisiting the attractions in Agra. Agra city have known for Agra Fort, Tajmahal. A vast number of touriststake part in Hot Air Balloon activity. Travelers take pleasure in this trip through TajMahal, Fort, Gardens, Mughal Gardens. This ride has favored the Couples, Family ,and school.

This hot air balloon ride over the top of Taj has been developed with various features.Mornis took this opportunity to add one more feather to its cap and providing a service to our peeps. Along with the TajMahal, the Agra fort is also visible from up there giving a great sight to Mughal architecture.

A height is covered with a clear view of the TajMahal.


Rajasthan is definitely the right venue to set out on a hot air balloon ride. Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan is a popular destination for dream holidays. Hordes of travelers from across the globe come here to see the royal grandeur of traces from its bygone era. Popularly called the Pink City, this place is also a hotspot for hot air ballooning in Rajasthan.Grab hold of a bird’s eye sight of the Pink City plus glide proudly over the palaces in addition to forts. Desert covers a large part of Rajasthan state. No other means can give you a beautiful perspective than hot air balloon. You get the chance to see the yellow earth from the top of the sky, which is a ones in life time experience for the rider.


Goa is a multi activity destination among every age group.It is a one stop for travelers to experience varied thrilling tricks, which can be remembered for lifetime. Thousands of travelers and Honeymooners are attracted by the charm ofthis destination all through the year. You can find Hot Air Balloon activity in these beach locations only. This activity is most renowned adventure sport in Goa. The Naturalmagnificence of these lovely beaches involves travelers to experienced sunset point through Hot Air Balloon.

Points to Acknowledge

Here are the points to acknowledge while having Hot Air Balloon rides-

Mild breeze are favorable for hot air ballooning, on the other hand, you must keep away from flying in a turbulent climate conditions.

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