Dubai is the largely visited places in the world that is well-known for the high-rising architectural wonder and outstandinggroup of resorts along with spas. It is a country that was once the talk of the city for its astral tower Burj Al Arab, only to be substitute by the Palm Jumeirah and these days the amazing, Burj Khalifa. City is on a speedy rise building innovative towers as well as charming attractions. Definitely, it is a vacation experience taken to a new level


  • Burj Al Arab

Stopover at Burj AL Arab for an afternoon tea in their superbeatery and cafes. Go up to the 27th floor towards Skyview Bar for an experience of your time. Besides, getting a continuous view of the Palm Jumeirah, is a cherry on top. Enjoy the time with your family admiring this wonderful architecture bliss.

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  • Ski Dubai

Dubai is not all regarding the heat with the deserts. Experience the winter and cold climate at Ski Dubai with your family.  Ski Dubai is sited in Mall of the Emirates. Let your children have severaljubilant moments throwing snowball at each other or grip the snowboards and strike the slopes.

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