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Mornis Camp  acres of even land, making it ideal for one day corporate outbound training program and outdoor team building activities. Camp Mornis is a perfect location away from the city yet close to Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida making it a great venue for 1 day team outings.

Our training team can devise customized Teambuilding and Leadership outdoor programs for your organization.

List of Programs offered are:

Funpill – Employee Engagement Program is a creative tool to engage your employees. The program is highly effective in terms of relieving stress and providing unusual experience of fun, joy and team bonding.

Our Funpill program has over 400 Engagement Activities, team games, puzzles, mind games and construction challenges. Funpill is a 360 degree tool varying from 30 Minutes – 2 hour duration ideal for the group size of 20 and above, the program is path breaking in terms of the bonding it creates between the teams.

In the initial stage, Funpill helps in Ice Breaking & Relieving Stress and in the later run it is highly effective tool in terms of Value Creation Process and Organizational Development.

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Stress Managment Program

We all know, the biggest asset of a company is its workforce. However, the pressures of meeting deliverables, putting in long working hours and working across time zones create a work-life imbalance which begins to take its toll on the health of employees. Other factors such as long commuting hours and chaotic traffic conditions add to their stress.We know that stress affects the employee’s efficiency and effectiveness. It can undermine the employee’s relationship at home as well as on the job. This can have a negative influence on their physical and emotional health – which in turn impacts their
performance. Eliminating all stress is impossible, but teaching your employees how to manage and control it is our mission. One of the most effective and proven methods of stress reduction is through Holistic Medicine using Yoga,Stress Managment Program,Naturopathy and Ergonomics.

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Team Building Activity / Team Bounding Activities

Team always works efficiently when they have a sense of trust and bond among them. Team building or team bounding activities are the collective tasks that are undertaken to strengthen the harmony among the group of people working towards same goals. We at Mornis provide range of such activities with certified trainer that can lead to build a strong bond among school students/ corporate which will later on turn out to be a great learning experience.  These activities enhance the features of every relationship in form of fun and enjoyment. Team bounding activities often develop a sense of share and caring among its participants

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