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Motivational Activities

Mornis Camp acres of even land, making it ideal for one day corporate outbound training program and outdoor team building activities. Camp Mornis is a perfect location away from the city yet close to Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida making it a great venue for 1 day team outings.

Our training team can devise customized Teambuilding and Leadership outdoor programs for your organization.

Be Born Again

List of Programs offered are

FunpillEmployee Engagement Program is a creative tool to engage your employees. The program is highly effective in terms of relieving stress and providing unusual experience of fun, joy and team bonding.

Our Funpill program has over 400 Engagement Activities, team games, puzzles, mind games and construction challenges. Funpill is a 360 degree tool varying from 30 Minutes – 2 hour duration ideal for the group size of 20 and above, the program is path breaking in terms of the bonding it creates between the teams.

In the initial stage, Funpill helps in Ice Breaking & Relieving Stress and in the later run it is highly effective tool in terms of Value Creation Process and Organizational Development.

JumpstartHi Impact Teambuilding Program for Entry & Middle Level Management in which the Self Directive Learning and Active Experimentation are conceptualized through reflection on doing. The Program engages the learner at a more personal level by addressing their individual expectations from the program.

To make this Learning model more effective we take all the participants through the whole learning wheel, from goal setting, to experimenting, observing, to reviewing, and finally towards action planning. This complete process allows one to learn new skills, new attitudes or even entirely new ways of thinking.

LeadLeadership & Emotional Competence for Middle & Senior Level Management this program uses self-awareness tools and activities to enhance self leadership capabilities.

Participants learn strategies for continuous development through extensive assessment, team tasks, self-reflection, small group activities and personal coaching. Because of our strong focus on development planning, which ties program experiences to the context of the workplace management, LEAD is uniquely about Leading towards Holistic Development.

Leadership Competencies Developed In This Program:

  • Establishing Focus
  • Providing Motivational Support
  • Empowering Others
  • Influencing Others
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Diagnostic Information Gathering
  • Holistic Development

Participants need to strategize, coordinate, execute, improvise and perform in this race against time! Session also drives lesson on goal-setting, benchmarking, tests Team’s ability to think, plan, coordinate and construct together keeping in mind the ground realities and members’ possible personal limitations.

Corporate Programme

  • Outbound Training & Learning Activities
  • Outbound Training with Your Facilitator
  • Outdoor conference
  • Corporate Events
  • Institutional & College Events

We can conduct activities all across India

All our activities are designed to develop confidence, communication and listening skills, personal and social development, responsibility for the environment, safety awareness, the correct use and care of equipment. All our activities are ‘processed’ to ensure that skills gained in the outdoors are transferred back to the classroom. There is a range of packaged programs to choose from to suit all ages: We can tailor make courses to meet your objectives and budget requirements. We have wide ranging experience of providing multi-activity days for both primary and high schools and have received excellent feedback on our work.

We are now offering After Schools Courses, where we come to your school to run activities including:

  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • Problem Solving

Orienteering & LOTS MORE…

Be Born Again

Stress Managment Program

We all know, the biggest asset of a company is its workforce. However, the pressures of meeting deliverables, putting in long working hours and working across time zones create a work-life imbalance which begins to take its toll on the health of employees. Other factors such as long commuting hours and chaotic traffic conditions add to their stress.We know that stress affects the employee’s efficiency and effectiveness. It can undermine the employee’s relationship at home as well as on the job. This can have a negative influence on their physical and emotional health – which in turn impacts their

Eliminating all stress is impossible, but teaching your employees how to manage and control it is our mission. One of the most effective and proven methods of stress reduction is through Holistic Medicine using Yoga,Stress Managment Program,Naturopathy and Ergonomics.

Why Stress Managment Program? is that quality that gives us the sense that everything is under control, which in turn allows us to focus fully on what we are doing without distraction from negative stress, disease, or conflict. Workplace Wellness is a non-going and holistic undertaking, requiring you to consider all aspects of an individual their attitudes and home life, as well as what happens during work hours.

The need of the hour at Workplace is a comprehensive.
which ideally consists of three components: Prevention, Recognition, and Assistance.
This can be implemented as various modules: healthy eating, fitness programs, smoking
cessation, workplace safety, ergonomic workspaces, coaching and counseling, lunch and
learns, on-site healthcare, and so on
Our Wellness program involves many factors, physical, emotional, and psychological. A
successful program measures where participants are now – not only in their current
physiological or psychological states, but also in their readiness to change and the actual
ways in which they are most inclined to make the changes.

Our Workplace Wellness Program methodology which includes:

  • Consult participants (pre-program questionnaire and evaluation),
  • Analysis & Discussion,
  • Design a Customized/User-friendly program targeted to your environment and personnel,
  • Provide services,
  • Promotional materials,
  • aintenance tools,
  • Conduct final follow-up,
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Age- Management consultations and so on Our programs, sessions and workshops are focused a comprehensive stress management.
  1. Pre-program questionnaire and evaluation is done on Stress and Happiness

before starting the workshop


  1. Naturopathy, Nutrition and Dietetics / Work-Life Balance Program

(Introduction & Outline) – Here introduction to Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition will enlighten the employees on Healthy Life style and Healthy food habits and also work/life balance strategies which address the work / life balance
issues many employers face. We help you improve your workplace productivity, morale and employe experience through improved individual coaching, specific health and wellbeing goals, and higher engagement.

(Duration: 60 minutes each)

  1. Bliss of Meditation / Comfy Compu-Eye Exercises for Workplace (Yoga) – Its

tool to combat stress through basic techniques of meditations and also prevent and reduce eye strain injuries through Yoga eye exercises that could be practiced at workplaces
(Duration: 60 minutes each)

  1. Comfortable Computing/Dot-Com Yoga/Ergo-Yoga – Some of the right

methods of using comfortable prolonged computing is dealt here in view of prevention of workplace disorders like carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain
injuries, backache etc
(Duration: 60 minutes each)

  1. Self Management Of Executive Tension(SMET) – This Specialised Yogic

Guided Meditation technique that involves one to learn how to combat stress at individual level at stressed conditions
(Duration: 60 minutes)

  1. Beauty and Hair Care Tips- Here we deal how one can maintain one’s

youthfulness by combating stress with hone remedies, fruit and herbal remedies.Here an outline and simple tips on beauty care, skin and hair care are given
(Duration: 60 minutes)

  1. Naturopathic /Diet or Nutrition Consultation/Work-Life

Consultations/Integrated Medicine Consultations from doctors (one to one
sessions) – One to one consultations with individuals can consult the doctor on various health issues, diet and nutrition.
(Duration: Depends on case to case basis)
NOTE – Most sessions would be interactive or participative.

Be Born Again

Team Building Activity / Team Bounding Activities

Team always works efficiently when they have a sense of trust and bond among them. Team building or team bounding activities are the collective tasks that are undertaken to strengthen the harmony among the group of people working towards same goals. We at Mornis provide range of such activities with certified trainer that can lead to build a strong bond among school students/ corporate which will later on turn out to be a great learning experience. These activities enhance the features of every relationship in form of fun and enjoyment. Team bounding activities often develop a sense of share and caring among its participants

Activities List:-

  • Tug Of WarThe very first game we learnt in our childhood and the only game we continue to have loved for as much as we grow. This game allows participants to test their strength while maintaining the bond of trust and support.
  • Laughter ChallengeYour laughter was never an over audible until you came across with these very genera of game, where the magic lies in the seriousness of how much you could laugh. Here, the respective teams have to outdo each other by laughing the loudest in groups, the
  • Copy catThe art of copying was never this good with all the quality one would require to master this genus is to simply copy your companion. Here, the leader of the pack has to come up with different dance moves and steps whereby his team has to copy the upper body movements, cherishing the crowd and impressing the judge in line.
  • Give me beatRound of a flaws is what you gonna get for every time you enter the stage. Here, the teams have to clap the given rhythm and also start and finish together to get winning cap.
  • Hoops away: Curve your body as much as you could, for it might be a big break to get through this easy going and piece of cake looking game of perfect team work. Here, the team chain is formed facing horizontal and ring structure viz hoopla has to go through the chain without the hands chain getting loose, the group whosoever would complete the cycle would win the game.
  • Longest Chain: The distinct colours and the pieces scattered around may look a little jumbled up but this fun filled game has is own turbulence which equally demands the team spirit. The entire team is to collect the assigned pieces of ribbon from scattered and knot it into a chain. The team who manages to tie up the longest would grab that bag.
  • Octopus RaceGiven A shaped structure is to be moved from point A to B, team to finish in least time wins.
  • Big WheelHere, the entire team is to get inside a giant wheel and drive it to point B starting from point A.
  • Dodge BallDodge ball is a game in which one team forms a circle while the other team members remain inside the circle formed by other team. The teams outside the circle hit the other team members with the help of the ball
  • Fish market: One could imagine a busy & a boisterous crowd in a conventional Indian market and this game might hover your imagination to the same level, however with a little twist in the game for certain. The teams here have to write names of 15 different names related to music and whereby the leaders are exchanged in the respective group and now the change is done, the teams have to help their leaders to write the same names in sequential order whilst distracting the opposition leader as well.
  • Rock mock show: If you are a rock on fan, and would love to thrill with the rocking beats, this is the game for you, whilst this is a chance for you to be a Rock Star, so get on the floor and rock the stage. Act as a rock-star on rock music. Teams are provided with musical instruments, using them teams have to create a rock band and mock performance.
  • LiquidityHere the teams form columns and transfer the water from the filled bucket to in front to the bucket at the end following some rule Liquidity- teams form columns and transfer the water from the filled bucket to in front to the bucket at the end following some rules.
  • One touch RugbyThe game which has always represented the team spirits through its aligned pattern of engagement and execution; reflecting back the enthusiastic scenario among entire team during the session. Here the members of the respective team would consecutively pass the rugby ball over their head to the another teammate remained in the same chain of row, until the last person would receive the ball and repeat the same round the row to push the game towards victory.


  • Blanket VolleyThis game would certainly hold the court when it comes to enticing not only the players & participants but the spectators as well. Like the customary  game plan, rules & regulation with this game would  unlikely follow the exceptional and unusual pattern of session; where the teams respectively are to pass the volley ball not in a regular manner by hand and the palm fist but with a  blanket that would be provided to the teams. With team spirit and the perfect coordination of the team would accurately pass the ball from their respective court to another.
  • Brick HoldingThis game of power, patient and concentration has its own mileage to be set, Carrying and holding the bricks was never so tough to masculine challenging the dominant feature of men; while the crown of victory over the termination of excruciating would be waiting at the end of the day. Here the participants are tested with the power of their mind over matter, by letting them hold the brick as long as possible with their arm stretched matching a parallel with the chin, the longer the participants could hold the brick the closer the victory would appear, eventually allowing the last man stand.
  • Ladder for usIn this special aspect of game the fun part would merge with the entirety of the session where the teams would choose the captain and would make the ladders for the captain and the captain brave has to walk over it trusting the team spirit marking the goal of victory.
  • Colour HuntHunt as a hunter does, but in this case one has to hunt the colour ball blind folded, directed by the team mates to searching the desired colour pre-specified by the game coordinator, the more you collect the greater chance for you to win the game.
  • Caterpillar Race

Here, four participants have to synchronize and use the given pair of

Wood slabs as combined big foot and finish the race fastest.

  • Sack RaceThe sack, you and the track all set for you to grab the victory after the whistle blow. The participant would have to hope with the sack with as much diameter as possible to cover.
  • Mine FieldWatch out your steps and mind those mine field, which awaits you and demands your man ever throughout the session with skill full steps and alert stature whilst the participants would be blind folded to conquer the quest and grab the flag of victory.
  • Trust FallOne would fall in love with this very genera of trust fall; where turning the world head over heel for one second is what it takes to gaining the trust over colleagues. Here the participants from respective team are to fall on his/her back from a ladder from certain height as required without looking back after adjustment and would have to trust on their team mates who’d make sure of his/ her safe landing. Sounds scary but equally interesting and fun filled game to be experienced.
  • Twister catcher: Here a particular participant from a respective team has to enter the human made twister (a round moving circle) which would constantly move round and round with a view to obstruct the opponent to accomplish his/ her task to remove a hat/ props from the head of those moving human moving chain/ circle, the more such removal the more chances to gain the points.
  • TREASURE HUNTING: This fun filled genera of its kind has its own time bound fun and excitement with growing enticement along with every direction from the Entertainment Jockey in the version. Here the participant has to find out the things that the EJ would want them to find in a matter of no time. The items could be anything varying from customary articles to bags to coins to ATM cards etc. And the one who could collect the required article first would grab the victory.
  • Balloon HoldingHolding something that requires no extra set of skills would certainly make this very genera of game interesting and a cherry of a cake would be something if you could outdo your competitors.  Here the individual set of team, most probably two pair of team, would have to outdo each other, where one team mates has to fill the balloon and make his partner hold the balloons as much as possible. The more balloons a team could hold the more pat on a back, letting the team grab the victory torch.
  • Theme danceAmong est the varied genera of dancing the only platform where an armatures like you could present the most awesome dance style by simply opting the unusual and the most exceptional dancing theme, which could be anything from sports to news channels to mimicry etc. Here the participant has to dance the way dandiya dances. In other words, pick any theme be it from any genera of sports. You gotta dance the similar way the theme would demand.
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