Burma Bridge-

TheBurma Bridge is a hanging bridge which consists of a thick rope for walking upon. We organize this group activity below the super vision of skilled men with the safety gear. This is a bridge of wooden blocks placed at several distances.
Hopping from one rope to other across trees which are tied down like buckets takes you to another level of excitement to indulge in. Burma Bridge gives you an experience of school life, wherein it can be enjoyed with family and as well as groups. It’s an excellent choice for the traveler who loves challenges at elevation. This is a great confidence building exercise which calls for body – mind balance and concentration. Burma bridge gives a real check to your power and dare person to try something new and exciting.

Rock Climbing–

It’s an adventure activities in which climber climb up and down and across on the rock mountain. Magnificent view of the rock in the surroundings, give this activity a glorious look and a lifetime experience to cherish in travellers mind. Climber can choose bothnatural rock formation or also do in artificial rock wall for the base. This can be easily performed with the help of a rope.Climbing up there and listening to your echoing voice is a different feeling when you are up there, watching whole world beneath you


The process of rappelling is simple in concept, in which person moving down from the top of mountainwith two pieces of rope. Vertical declines of the mountains altogether give different feel of the activity. These experiences are a challenging as well exciting part of one’s being there. Rappelling activity tests the endurance level of the traveller in addition to the passion for this daring adventure.
Rappelling is such a thrill for the adventure devotee. Many travelers enjoy this activity as it allows you to test your stamina, strength and overcome your fear.

Flying Fox-

Flying Fox, also known as Zip Line and zip wire, is the famous adventure activity for fun. Fly fox is small cable car ,rope is fixed at both end ,You are attached on wire rope with the assist of pulley at the high end and then slide free fall on that wire rope.
The fact that flying fox allows the participant to explore the valleys with entirely different perspective doubles the fun while opting for this activity.

River Crossing-

A river crossing is a means to get from one river bank to other.In this adventure sports activity, a rope is attachedcrossways a river on the two river banks. It is to some extent similar to rappelling but a little difficult in nature as there is no gravity to pull person down in river crossing. Here a person has to make use of his hands to move parallel to the river. This activity now gives a chance to put your muscles and triceps on a show.

This activity also takes care of enhancing motor-skills as well as bravery.This activity offers relief in pressure and stress as it thrills the participant, which brings enthusiasmin addition to refreshment to the mind.

Commando Net Climbing-

Commando net climbing is activity among army but it’s a famous adventure activity. Here is an almost 15 feet high wall made of net.Which has to be climbed first and then has to be descended from the other side?Commando net is weight balance building and coordination activity

Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo Bridge is a walking activity that involves walking over the bridge made of bamboo. A bamboo bridge is a bridge with two ropes on side to hold on while walking. Imagine a thrill one has while walking on woods and balancing him as if he is taking his first step towards world. We at Mornis organize this group activity at the camp with the safety equipment and experienced guides.Other form of this activity involves water part in it. It is crossing the river on Bamboo Bridge that sets tourists’ hearts racing. While walking these bridges, person can experience life in eachmoment that they spend on its thin path.

Balance Walks-

A Simple but fun activity. In this exercise you have to just maintain balance on the 2 to 3 feet wide rope and cross the distance of 15-25 meters. This activity shows the flexibility and balance relationship in the human body. This activity enhances concentration level as you have to concentrate to cross the distance.

Friendship Ladder-

Friend ship ladder activity is inside camp activity in camping and made of rope and bamboo. It’s like ladder both side is made of rope and single bamboo like ladder.


Delight in this amazing adventure sport which is certainly meant for brave hearted people. Unravel the treasure of natural beauty while pleasing in this nature’s abode with friends and family. Multi Vine experience is an innovative adventure sport which acts as a nice getaway from the cobwebs of the city life. The technique required in the game is simple but might get tricky at times as the participant is required to balance himself on a single tight rope. Further in order to successfully complete the walk on the rope you are required to hold various ropes that hang parallel from the top.

Monkey Crawling-

Imagine yourself hanged by stomach on a rope at a height of and you need to arrive at the destination of it by power of your hands. You will absolutely feel like a Military commando while undertaking this activity.
Monkey Crawl is a voyage activity that has need of strength and stamina and we feel that every person has what it takes to do it! All one needs is zeal to dragyou just a little bit further.

Before you set out to any activity, you’ll need appropriate equipment, including:

  • Carabineers that attach your rope and your harness;
  • The harness is desirable to grip you up while you are climbing.
  • Climbing shoes made of vulcanized rubber,
  • Gloves and a helmet are also essential safety equipment.